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Property Marbella property advisors

We are a group of professional real estate agents, that can offer straight forward advice when it comes to choosing the most suitable property for your needs; here you will find an extensive selection of properties on the Costa Del Sol.

We have properties available as resales and also bank owned, the bank owned properties are only presented upon direct enquiry, we do not have them on the website and for that you will need to fill in our contact form, so we can send you a selection suitable to your requirements.

There is really not a better place than Marbella and the Costa del Sol to buy a property in Spain that offers quality of life, entertainment and the best winter climate.

At Property Marbella we are a team of professionals with background in the property, finance and insurance industry in Spain,

We, together with our associates have a wide range of properties to suit your needs and possibility to get to the best locations on the Costa del Sol, which is one of the most searched for area in Spain.

Property Marbella services towards our customers is given with help from our legal associates and the properties are going through due diligence, prior to them being added on our lists, for peace of mind and full transparency for our potential customers. If its something you havent found on our properties on the website follow the LINK and advise what you need and will come back to you with a selection of properties that suit your requirements.

Property Marbella services towards the property owners:  is to offer maximum exposure of your property and give maximum information about your property to the potential interested buyers to make sure there only genuine customers visit your property. If you wish to list your properties please follow LINK and fill in the forms and our team members will contact you related,

We also have a wide range of high market properties that can only be sent through direct enquiries and not available on our website, these are only presente through direct enquiries and from 10 milion up. you can do this by following the link: ENQUIRY FORM